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Amerimex Auto of GA, INC

Renting a car from us will give you:

Valid vehicle registration and tag.

Valid vehicle insurance.

Vehicle maintenance.

Ability to change cars.

Renting a car from us will make you avoid:

About Us

AmeriMex has been serving the Hispanic Community with telecommunication and related products in Atlanta, and beyond, since 1998. The Company has always tried to meet the needs of this diverse and culturally rich population group. Continuing this tradition, AmeriMex has started AmeriMex Auto of GA Inc. to provide affordable transportation alternatives for Hispanics and others in the metro Atlanta area.


  • Chris Turner
    I just got here, found a job but no way to move to work, no GA driver license, they were my only option and it was the best option.
    Chris Turner
  • Juan Z.
    Our experience with Amerimex auto GA was the most friendly and convenient car rental experience I've ever had
    Juan Z.
  • Dave S.
    It was really fast, no questions asked, no deposit, all legal, just awesome!!!
    Dave S.
  • Amber Claus.
    I don't know much about cars, I feel relieved they take care of everything, no more worries for me, now I just drive!
    Amber Claus.
  • That price with insurance included, sold!!
  • Can't believe how simple it was, I picked my car, took it home and now I renew every month with no need to go there again, fits me perfectly.


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